At the forefront of Microsoft Azure consulting & development, Groviya enables you to harness the true potential of the Azure Platform.

Groviya will work with your business process managers, IT staff and executive leadership to identify your needs and requirements whether those include virtual machines, databases, Active Directory support or alternative Azure applications. 

Groviya’s expert consultants will meet your requirements with your SLA in mind while ensuring your organization’s ongoing compliance with regulations and governance.

We implement a range of Azure based solutions that accelerate an enterprise-wide cloud adoption while building a robust multi-cloud environment. Azure technology, when combined with our vast experience and knowledge, inspire best decision for businesses, which has a direct bearing on your time and value of investment.

  1. Cloud Migration – Expertise in migrating solutions from on-premise to the cloud and at the same time providing a hybrid computing approach for its customers.
  2. Cloud Infrastructure & Implementation – Our staff can help in implementing cloud infrastructure solutions as well as application development and deployment solutions for the cloud. We can also help in cloud data center design, sizing and deployment of application & data solutions.
  3. Cloud Consulting – Groviya’s Cloud Experts helps its customers with their existing cloud solutions and augment their cloud solutions with data integration and application integration consulting.
  4. Cloud data governance and security – Customers can avail of our expertise in implementing data security and compliance solutions in the cloud or hybrid environments and help in implementing data governance and data lineage solutions.